In Loving Memory of

Unie Belle Dyer

We commend to you our sister, Unie Belle, a servant.   An inspiration to us all, she was ever the example of dedication and hard work.

On Saturday, March 13th, 1999, our sister, our fellow servant, Unie Belle Dyer went home.   She fought the good fight, she finished the course, she kept the faith.   I have never known a harder working servant of Christ than this godly woman.   We grieve for ourselves because she will no longer be in our presence, but we rejoice for her that she is no longer struggling just to breathe.   She is no longer sad because she could do nothing but sit in her room and depend on others to care for her.

There is no greater example in our congregation of what a servant should be than Unie Belle!   She set a high standard for all of us in dedication and service to the Lord.   The hardest thing for her to accept was when the time came when she could no longer help others.   We thank God for giving us such a fine servant.

Wayne Sharp -- Netherwood Park
church of Christ
Albuquerque, NM, USA

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