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This site is the ministry of Rex D. Moore and is an integral part of OLM (OnLine Ministries) serving the churches of Christ world wide.   Rex was one of the founding members of OLM in October of 1995 and has been honored to serve as its director and champion for most of those years.   Rex is also the 'director' of the "Congregations" portion of the CCOnline web site, a Tennessee based internet church resource center.

OLM (   "To God Be the Glory. . ." ( and now "Worldwide Directory for the churches of Christ" ( are not so much about content as they are about communication.   Rex's point of view from early on was that any Internet work is by definition a world wide work.   Therefore, communication, co-operation, and a willingness to help and support one another should be one of our main goals.   This is so that the world sees "one church" in "one faith" worshipping "one God" and it is the least we can do for our Lord.

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